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Fertility Concerns

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If you’ve been trying to conceive but it hasn’t happened yet, you may feel worried or outright stressed about your fertility. At Complete Healthcare for Women in Wellington, Florida, the supportive team is here to help with your fertility concerns, including an initial evaluation and an infertility workup. To get the answers you need, book your appointment using the online scheduler or by calling the office now.

Fertility Concerns Q & A

When should I have fertility concerns?

Infertility is typically diagnosed only after you've attempted to conceive for twelve months in a row. If you're over 35, your doctor makes an infertility diagnosis after six months rather than twelve.

If you've been trying to conceive for that long, or almost that long, without any luck, it's time to talk about your fertility concerns with your care provider at Complete Healthcare for Women. You may also want to consider a fertility evaluation if you have irregular periods, since that may be a sign of irregular ovulation.

What happens during my fertility evaluation?

Generally, a fertility evaluation includes both you and your partner. You’ll discuss your goals for starting or adding to your family, as well as your efforts to do so. Your partner typically does a semen analysis that gauges sperm health and movement.

You may have tests that include:

  • Ovulation testing: blood and urine tests, verifies whether you're ovulating and when
  • Ovarian reserve testing: a test to determine egg quality and quantity
  • Hysteroscopy: allows your doctor to view the inside of your uterus
  • Pelvic ultrasound: to check uterine and fallopian tube health
  • Hysterosalpingography: an X-ray, checks uterus and fallopian tubes for damage

There are a number of other fertility tests that your Complete Healthcare for Women provider recommends if you need them. Your evaluation is customized for your situation.

What if my fertility evaluation shows no problems but I still can’t conceive?

In this case, you may need more in-depth testing, or a minimally invasive surgical procedure so your Complete Healthcare for Women provider can find out what’s preventing you from conceiving.

Laparoscopy is one option, especially if your doctor suspects that you have endometriosis or another type of blockage. Laparoscopy helps diagnose problems such as endometriosis and fibroids, and your doctor can also address the problems during this procedure.

There are also other tests that may help, and your Complete Healthcare for Women provider can recommend lifestyle changes that may help clear the way for conception.

If you have fertility concerns, trust the experienced OB/GYN team at Complete Healthcare for Women to help in an effective and compassionate way. Book now using the online scheduler or by calling the office for an appointment.

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